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Kriegfried – „circles and ellipses“ - Venezia 1980 – Paris 2011

The 59 Rivoli, Paris now shows the photographic documentation of a
Kriegfried-performance at the Biennial of Venice in 1980 and a new installation which was created especially for the 59 Rivoli's exhibition space.
The spontaneous performance „Kreide-Kreise“ (chalk circles) at the Biennial of Venice in 1980, when the visitors were stopped and encircled, is documented by black and white photos: The artists handed over an empty sheet of paper to the surprised visitors and then encircled them by lines of chalk. As nobody understood the meaning of the action all visitors did not dare to move. Finally several exhibition spaces were filled with people standing around waiting for something to happen.....
As it was an illegal action some of the artists had disputs with the italian police - however the italian TV was interested too.
Now four of the group members Heinz Pelz, Ralf Scherrer, Wolf Pehlke and Harald Haeuser, created a special series of works for the Paris project:
Each one of the 4 artists worked on 10 ellipses in their personal style.
All 40 ellipses then are combined to one installation throughout the exhibition space.
The idea of being tolerated as an individual in a group, in a society, is the essential message.
When combining the old photos of the „chalk circles“ with the new ellipses in one exhibition, the transformation of circles into ellipses as an „accelerated“ form of a circle comes to mind. As if our old earth would become an ellipse by rotating faster and faster
Time is demonstrated as a phenomenon of centrifugal force:
Societies seem to work well and keep their tolerant attitudes only while being in a process of permanent changes – this at a growing speed only ?

"Modern art makes use of the variation of the repetition, the sequence or series, to exemplarly demonstrate the transformation will as such and also the infinitely thinkable richness of variety.“
Prof. Axel Heil, in the article „The nihilisme of the conditions – Kriegfried for everybody“
published in the art book „ precursor and companions – art of the past 60 years“ - museum of contemporary art – collection Hurrle, 2010.


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