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"Previously owned by the Crédit Lyonnais bank and then abandoned, the six-story, mid-19th-century Haussmann era building (59, rue de Rivoli, First Arrondissement) was taken over by a group of young rebellious artists in 1999. Despite or possibly because of its illegal status, tourists soon came flowing in to see their work.
In 2006, as part of a citywide effort to legitimize popular but technically illegal art venues, the space was bought, closed and renovated by the Paris city hall for 10 million euros (about $12.1 million). It reopened in September 2009, and today serves as studio space for 32 resident artists.
It is also the site of exhibitions of art, which take place on the two levels (big glass windows) on the right side of the building.
The 59rivoli is the third most visited art center for contemporary art in Paris." From : New York Times Travel guide

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